How to Make a Minecraft Server on Aternos

How to Make a Minecraft Server on Aternos

How to Set up an Aternos Server

Everyone loves playing Minecraft maps with their friends. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a good way to do it! Whether you need a server to run a map or you just want to play Vanilla Minecraft, I’ve got you covered with the perfect solution for all of your multiplayer needs!

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to set up and host your own Minecraft server for free using the server host, Aternos. I will also show you how to upload maps as well as create normal survival worlds using this service!

In order to set up your own Minecraft server, you’ll need to start by setting up an Aternos account. You can do so by going to their website. Once you have created an account, you need to hit the play button at the bottom right of your screen. If it doesn’t show up for you right away, try scrolling down until you see it.

Once you click that button, it will take you to a login or signup page. After you do so, it will ask you to create an account with Aternos or log into a pre-existing account if you previously made one.  

After signing up or logging in, you will be taken to your account panel where you can create a server. There will be a green button that says “Create” on the homepage which you need to click. It will bring up a server profile and another blue button that says “Create”. Click both of them to start up your new server.

If you’re planning on playing the latest version of Minecraft in a random vanilla seed, then you don’t need to make any changes here. You can just press start and play with your friends by giving them the IP! If you need to upload a specific map onto your server, follow the next session!

How to Upload a Map to your Aternos Server

Maps typically require earlier versions of Minecraft because they take a large amount of effort to renovate with each new update. If the map you’re interested in playing needs a different version of the game, you can click the green “Change” button in the versions section.

After hitting the change button it will bring up a menu of different versions of Minecraft.  Choose whichever version you need for the map you plan on playing. 

Once you select the correct version, it’s time to upload your map! To do so you’ll need to click the “Worlds” option on the left sidebar. This will take you to a new page where you can either reset your world or upload a new one in its place. For the purposes of our tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to upload a map which will require you to click the orange “Upload” button.

When you click on the drop-down it’ll ask you to upload the map in either a zip file format or to upload the contents of a folder. In order to do that you need to make sure that you upload the folder with the map contents alone, or else it won’t work. That’ll look something like the picture below for more recently developed maps.

Once uploaded you can go back to the homepage and start your server! It should load you into the map once your server is online. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes a while for a server to start up as there can be a queue of people waiting to join as well as general start-up delays. You’ll hear a notification go off once your server is up and running. You can join by using the IP address that is shown in your server tab. 

That’s a wrap!

I hope you found this blog post helpful! We at Podcrash hope you have fun with your friends and get to enjoy the numerous amount of maps that are out there for players to enjoy! 

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How to Download Minecraft Snapshots

How to Download Minecraft Snapshots

How to Install Minecraft Snapshots

After hearing about the latest Minecraft update 1.17 Caves and Cliffs, all I could think about is how much I wanted to play it already! Luckily, Mojang has been providing us with snapshots that give us an insight into the features that will be coming in this update! 

I’m very thankful for the ability to take a look into these updates, but it can be a kind of confusing route on figuring out how to access these snapshots when looking at everything for the first time. That’s why we’re here and ready to help with this guide on how to download and use Minecraft snapshots!

All Minecraft snapshots are downloaded and installed via the Minecraft Launcher!  In order to access them, you’ll need to first head to the “Installations” tab on the homepage.  You can do so by hovering your mouse over the word “Installations”, shown on the green box in the image below, and clicking on it!

Once you click on the Installations tab you should see all of the profiles that you have currently on your Minecraft account. You’ll also notice that in the top right corner there are three checkboxes for different version types you have access to. One is for releases, the second is for snapshots, and the third is for modded content! For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll be working with the snapshot versions.

Move your mouse cursor over to the top right of the tab and make sure that you have the version type “snapshots” enabled. That is done by clicking on the little box that is to the left of the word “snapshots”.

You may have noticed that a new profile showed up titled “Latest snapshot”.  If you’re simply looking for the latest snapshot then the tutorial ends after this step! Move your mouse over to that profile and the play button should show up! Click the button and then the launcher will download the latest version of the snapshot available and run it.

Accessing Previous Minecraft Snapshots

While for most cases, you’ll only need to use the latest version of the snapshot, maybe you want to see the progression of the 1.17 update and see all of its stages! If that’s the case, or you just simply need access to a specific version of the snapshot, then keep reading!

The installations page is the same page where you can edit and/or create new profiles. By doing so, you can access older versions of any snapshot that has previously been released! Don’t know how? Well allow me to show you!

In the installations tab on the Minecraft launcher, click the icon in the top left corner that says “New”. Doing so will bring you to the page where you create new profiles in Minecraft.

Once you reach this page you can name it whatever you want! After naming it, head over to the “version” box and click on it. This will give you a dropdown of every Minecraft version that is published as well as every Minecraft snapshot version!

Select whichever snapshot you’re interested in playing and then hit the green “Create” button in the bottom right corner.  Once this is complete, it will take you back to the installations page.  You should see your new profile set up and ready to go! Hover your mouse over to it and hit the play button. Doing so will download and install the snapshot version that you chose and load you up into the game! 

That’s a Wrap!

I hope you found this blog post helpful! From all of us at Podcrash, we hope you have fun in the new snapshots! Minecraft is continuing to constantly grow and change, and we’ll keep you updated on the changes that they continue to make to the game we know and love. 

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