ERROR: Invalid Session

ERROR: Invalid Session

One of the most common errors in Minecraft is the “Invalid Session” bug. When you launch Minecraft it may show a message saying Invalid Session (Try restarting your game) sometimes a quick restart will fix this, but if that’s not working then you may need to go one step further.

If you are not seeing an error on launch check your error logs in %appdata%. In the first few lines you should see something like:

---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
// You're mean.

Time: The date and time of your crash should be here!
Description: Invalid Session (Try restarting your game)

If a simple restart isn’t working then you will need to log out of your Minecraft account and back in, for this example we are going to be showing you how to do that on our own launcher Podcrash Play (it’s free to download btw!)

  1. Open the launcher

  2. Swap Accounts

  3. Press the X next to the account you want to log out of

  4. Add account

  5. Reauthenticate Minecraft with your Microsoft or Mojang account
  6. Launch Minecraft and Enjoy!
What is My Podcrash (Single Sign-On)

What is My Podcrash (Single Sign-On)

My Podcrash is the name we have given to our Single-Sign-On platform. Single-Sign-On is an account authentication method to allow you to create one account and use that account to login to any service we own or operate.

Our My Podcrash system uses the OAuth 2.0 standard. This is an open industry standard and many of the common apps you use with “Single-Sign-On” platforms like Google and Youtube or Facebook and Instagram. It works by sharing information without ever sharing your secure details such as your password.

How do I know it’s secure?

OAuth is a HTTP based authentication, so the first thing to check is to ensure you are using HTTPS or a secure internet connection. All of our services and websites are protected under HTTPS.

When you log in to a Podcrash service, you will be directed to If you are being asked for your Podcrash password on any other website then you should immediately report it to us for further investigation and do not use the service.

Do you give others access to My Podcrash?

No. Podcrash is the only company that has access to any data provided to us on If we ever change this policy, or allow communities to build in support for My Podcrash then we will ensure they uphold our standards of security and monitor for abuse.

If we ever did this, the nature of Single-Sign-On means that we would never give anyone access to your password or any confidential details.

Things to do on Summer Holiday Island

Things to do on Summer Holiday Island

We have spent all year thinking about fun things we can do this summer, and we’ve come up with a whole heap of activities you can spend your time on in our newest release: Summer Holiday Island – available now on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Use the map below to explore the Island with us, and share some of your favourite images of your own Minecraft summer holiday to @podcrash on Twitter! Now enough talking, let’s get into the fun stuff!

1) Dive into the Aquarium 🦈

Near the centre of the Island, our Aquarium is full to the brim with Minecraft sea life. Be surrounded by the sea in our fish domes, watch some exotic crocodiles, penguins, and sharks roam their enclosures (although hopefully not together!), and see what really goes on under the sea! A perfect attraction to visit with friends, can we come along?

2) Putt a few hours away in Mini Golf ⛳

Make your way around our 9 hole mini golf course located in the Island forest. Challenge your friends and see who is able to go through, round and over the various obstacles one each course. Holes get progressively harder as you make your way through the forest. Hole 8 is my favourite! Which is yours?

3) Visit the beach 🏖️

There’s sand in my shoes!!! But at least we get to play on the beach. Chill out on a sun lounger, or get a drink and paddle in the ocean. The island is surrounded in beaches, so you’re never short on a place to kick back and enjoy the sun. What’s your favourite thing to do at the beach? Can’t beat a good sandcastle if you ask me!

4) Under the sea 🤿

As a wise little crab once said “Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there” – and whilst I will say our island is pretty cool (okay I am a little biased) when you put on some scuba gear and go for a swim you are likely to find all sorts of interesting, weird, and colourful animals and plants. Grab some scuba gear from the diving instructor and jump in!

5) To Yacht or not? 🛥️

Ever wanted to just grab a speedboat or a jet ski and feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face? No… Just me? Oh alright. Well, you should totally try it out! Around the island, there are loads of different boats that you hop in and take for a spin. If you’re playing with friends, why not challenge them to a race around the island? We can neither confirm nor deny that this was a large part of our team’s playthrough of this map!

6) Feeling a bit lazy? ⛱️

Boats are cool but sometimes they are just too much speed for one person to handle… if you want to slow the pace down a little then jump in a float, put your legs up, and float through the lazy river. Its bending, narrow stream wind through the entire island and allows you to really see the sights. That’s if you don’t relax too much and fall asleep!

7) Jump to it 🏃🏽‍♀️

If boating and relaxing really isn’t your thing, why not take a run along the water obstacle course and tackle the challenging parkour that awaits you on your journey to the top! We can confirm that there are some great views once you get there.

8) Cart Race? 🚗

Scattered around the island, these golf carts are here for you to get between attractions easier. It’s your holiday, why should you be made to walk everywhere! While you’re at it, why not get a few friends together and see who can find the quickest route to one of the destinations!

Warning: We take no responsibility for any injuries caused in golf cart crashes that happen on our island!

9) Become an adventurer! 🔭

You are on your very own island so why not make use it! Become an adventurer, and explore the island’s many ancient mystical statues (that totally weren’t built only a few years ago when our island became a tourist spot). If you’re feeling brave enough why not climb the huge volcano, but don’t touch the lava, it might burn!

10) Walk the plank ☠️

What sort of island would we be if we didn’t have our very own Pirate ship and crew! Cannonball off the ship and swim around the boat, talk to the crew, or explore the decks of the pirate ship!

Be warned though: Any gold you decide to take on to the ship may not leave with you!

11) I can see my house from up here! 🎡

Take a night time visit to our humungous ferris wheel (you can’t miss it) and watch our island famous firework show! We guarantee that you will love over second of it, and what a view over the island you’ll get once you’re up there! This is not an attraction for those who are afraid of heights, but we really recommend it as a way to end a long day.

12) Get your very own Cabana 🛏️

All that exploring gets tiring, and after a long day of playing, exploring, and relaxing you’re going to need a place to relax and sleep! Well, we know just the place! After locating your ideal cabana on the map, you can start decking it out with furniture available from our island staff – who you will find around the island on your adventures. Get creative and make it your very own cosy place!

That’s all from us for now!

That’s it! Our tour of the island is over, but should you ever want to refresh your memory: you can visit our tour guides at the entrance where you will receive your very own map to help you find your way around! Enjoy your holiday on our Summer Holiday Island (available now on the Minecraft marketplace)!

Final tip: If you’re still a little unsure, why not check out our trailer below!
COVID-19 and our community response

COVID-19 and our community response


This is a rather different post than the sorts of things we do on this blog. A lot of times we talk about new games, new things coming to Minecraft. We never thought we would actually do a serious blog post… However, we cannot deny that over the past few months of building this we have been very lucky to pull some decent viewership on our blog, reaching 50,000-100,000+ people an article in some cases, and so staying silent didn’t feel right.

Podcrash also operates a lot of gaming communities, and as countries prepare for more and more isolation and containment we want to do our best to provide a safe space for you and friends to play games and communicate without putting yourself or others around you at risk. We have therefore started upgrading our services, and opening new opportunities for you to continue playing.

Online Servers

Podcrash gamemodes are still relatively popular, we see around 1000 downloads a day on old and new maps for Java edition Minecraft. We know that as more and more people become isolated it will become harder to spend time with friends and family. We are opening our game servers to everyone, and encourage you to hop online to our free java server to play a rotation of Cops and Robbers maps, if you want to change it for another map, jump in our discord and one of our team will come help swap it over. You can get the server IP from our discord

If you don’t want to play on our servers, or don’t fancy playing Cops and Robbers, we recommend checking out StickyPiston Hosting’s trial service that offers a collection of some of the best maps new and old (including ours) you can view all available maps here


We are aware that both Mineplex and Hypixel are preparing for larger than normal traffic surges throughout the coming days and weeks, and we are aware that a lot of players enjoy using Podcrash+ to add to their game experience on those servers. Podcrash+ is a free mod and our servers that authenticate the user and help provide a lot of the functionality you use and enjoy on the mod is provided completely for free by us. We are unfortunately preparing for the worse and we expect that during this period our servers will face some severe performance issues at peak times.

In an attempt to help this, we are building emergency protocols into our workflow, as of today we are increasing the player limit our server can handle at any one point, although this will come at the cost of a loss of some features and service for our Discord bot, so if you notice a player struggling with a question, please help our teams and help them by finding the answer. If you aren’t sure then direct them to staff.

Podcrash Status will also be monitoring all services at a 1-minute interval and if it notices any issues our development teams will be notified to step in and attempt to mitigate the issues before it becomes severe. Alongside this we are building more internal monitoring tools and looking into how we can optimize our server performance with short term fixes before the full relaunch later this year.

If you need help, think there are issues or want to keep updated with Podcrash+ make sure to join their discord

What can I do to help?

The truth is, we are a community of young people, and, barring any underlying health issues, we are classed as one of the lowest at-risk groups, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful, listen to your local authorities advice and make sensible decisions and choices with that information. As gamers, there are a bunch of causes you can join in on at no cost to you, for example, [email protected] is an international network that you can link your gaming PC up to, and help provide some processing power to a global network available to organisations currently trying to find answers to the COVID-19 virus. GPU’s are particularly good at doing this, who said gaming never helped! If you want to read more about how [email protected] works, and what they are doing, you can find it on Reddit and if you want to get started straight away then you can download [email protected] from their website

From everyone at Podcrash, we wish you and your families the best, and we hope you stay safe in these trying times.

How Minecraft became a platform for free thought

How Minecraft became a platform for free thought

What is Minecraft?

Since its inception, Minecraft has been a game tailored around the idea that the imagination is the limit and that nothing is too big or small to achieve. When Minecraft’s official trailer first launched on December 6th 2011, the words rang out to millions of players. Think of a world, where the only limit is your imagination. Most notably Minecraft is used as a place for games like Cops and Robbers to exist, but every so often something changes that.

So what’s happened?

Well, Reporters without Borders and our friends over at Blockworks Uk came together to take that to a whole new level. On the 12th March, the world’s day against cyber censorship, they released a collaboration that takes the work of censored journalists and authors around the world and uploads it in one place for everyone to view, read and share.

The center of the Minecraft library uniting the world with every countries flag flying in the center.

Minecraft is one of the few games with global representation, even in oppressed or authoritarian countries. The creation of The Uncensored Library becomes more than just a Minecraft build, but a genuine library. Containing censored news articles from five of the most censored countries in the world, where freedom of the press is non-existent, and articles that go against the governments are blocked, and the journalists responsible are exiled, arrested, tortured or worse.

Each country has its own room in the library. Each comes dressed up with sculptures and statuary that speak to each country’s specific censorship campaigns. Mexico’s wing wraps rows of books around a small cemetery at its center. Gravestones depict independent journalists murdered for covering sensitive political stories or investigating organized crime rings, like drug cartels. Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow independent journalism, so its wing features a singular cage at the center, symbolizing the journalists arrested and likely tortured for government criticism. All of this done within Minecraft

It’s not clear if Reporters without Borders plan to keep the library updated. We can say though that it is definitely worth checking out and spending a bit of time in.

How can I join?

You can join by loading Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.14.4 and connecting to the IP