What are the keybinds?

J: Customize the Podcrash+ GUI to your liking.

H: Access all of the features that Podcrash+ has to offer, such as FPS Boost

Failed Microsoft Authentication

If you see the error Failed Microsoft Authentication and you are sure you entered the correct details then it’s likely your Microsoft account is registered as a child account, with a date of birth under 18.

Microsoft does not allow private clients to access Microsoft user data of under 18’s however, if the age on your account is incorrect and you are over the age of 18, you can modify your date of birth on https://microsoft.com

Can I modify, reupload or make my own Cops and Robbers map?

In short no, you cannot reupload, modify or use the Cops and Robbers name. Cops and Robbers is a registered trademark of Podcrash and we do not allow our maps to be reuploaded or sold without explicit permission from us.

If you own your own Map download website or app and wish to include Podcrash’s maps please contact us for licensing permission.