Can I modify, reupload or make my own Cops and Robbers map?

In short no, you cannot reupload, modify or use the Cops and Robbers name. Cops and Robbers is a registered trademark of Podcrash and we do not allow our maps to be reuploaded or sold without explicit permission from us.

If you own your own Map download website or app and wish to include Podcrash’s maps please contact us for licensing permission.

How do I get into creative mode?

To stop players from cheating, we have disabled Creative mode whilst in-game. You can choose to undo this by running the command

/tag @s add admin
/gamemode creative

If you are still in singleplayer mode:

If you are in a single-player world, to run this command you need cheats enabled. To make that change. Pause Minecraft, press Open to LAN, change Allow Cheats to be ON then press Start LAN World.

Now you will be able to run the above command.