Cops and Robbers: Classic

Cops and Robbers: Classic

Cops and Robbers: Classic

The ORIGINAL Cops and Robbers, a remake of the minigame from Halo 3! One player starts as the Warden, a ruthless prison officer, while everyone else plays as robbers, subject to the Wardens will. He can do whatever he likes with them, or punish them for not obeying, while the robbers have to find a way to escape!

Intro: There is one cop and he’s in charge. Anything from making prisoners go to the canteen for food or getting clean in the showers. The robbers must obey and do as he says, or face the consequences. Although, escape may be on the table… if you’re clever enough.

  2- Unlimited
Released: April 2013
Category: Roleplay
Minecraft Java 1.15.2

Follow the ‘rules’

Get yourself in line, and ready to follow the rules! The warden’s had a rough day, so keep your bickering to a minimum. From tic-tac-toe to a game of traffic lights, we’re sure the warden will think up plenty to entertain you during your stay… unless you have other things in mind?

Slip the warden

Bored of following the rules? So are we. Sometimes the taste at freedom can be a little too much to ignore. Danger the escapes and doge the warden as you gain access to parts of the prison… that I don’t think you’re supposed to be in.


Escape the prison 

You’ve made it, and I couldn’t be prouder! All the hard work is complete now, so soak up the victory and get your gloating face on. It’s not far now to your nearest escape zone I’m sure. Wait… the warden isn’t chasing you still are they? Looks like you need to run!! 


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Easter Eggcitement

Easter Eggcitement

Available On

Are you as eggcited for easter as we are? Tired of eating chocolate?
You want us to crack on and make more egg jokes? Okay! Easter Eggcitement is an easter game made up of 5 different minigames. Play with 2 or more players and challenge each other to see who can win!

+ 2 or more players
+ 5 games in one
+ Challenging, Quick Minigames

Free Download

Released: March 29th, 2018

Category: Minigame

Egg Hunt

Find and collect as many eggs as fast as you can.

Chicken Tron

Don’t run into walls or your opponent’s trails, all while trying to cut their way off.

Rabbit Hunt

Those cheeky rabbits have escaped their enclosure! Go capture them and bring them back to where they belong!

The Crafting Game

Test your Minecraft knowledge about how to craft things in a race against the clock and your friends. And maybe a heated battle!

Egg Decoration

Who is the best egg painter? Find out in this minigame and replicate the shown easter egg as fast as you can!

Notes to Play:

This map comes with a bunch of custom models, so make sure to use the resource pack (already included in the map in Singleplayer, as well as linked in the map for Multiplayer)