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Cops and Robbers

iOS: Can’t load the .mctemplate into the game

When loading in the map, you may receive the error Unknown Pack Name.

If you see this, it is caused by the iOS open from files does not seem to import the map correctly. Instead, use the inbuilt discord/safari “open with Minecraft” option and it should load correctly.

Cops and Robbers is also available from the Minecraft Marketplace directly, this will automatically install our map on all devices.

Cops and Robbers: Alcatraz – Remaster of Cops and Robbers: Escape from Alcatraz (Java Edition)

Cops and Robbers: Jailbreak – An exciting reimagination of Deathrun (Exclusive to Bedrock)

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How do I get into creative mode?

To stop players from cheating, we have disabled Creative mode whilst in-game. You can choose to undo this by running the command

/tag @s add admin
/gamemode creative

If you are still in singleplayer mode:

If you are in a single-player world, to run this command you need cheats enabled. To make that change. Pause Minecraft, press Open to LAN, change Allow Cheats to be ON then press Start LAN World.

Now you will be able to run the above command.

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Can I force end a game?

To force end a game run the command

/function crime:end
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How do I host a game of Cops and Robbers?

Cops and Robbers can be run on a vanilla Minecraft server. We work with Minehut to guarantee compatibility here. Our maps are also automatically installable on StickyPiston.

You can view the full guide here.

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How can I install Cops and Robbers?

If you want to install Cops and Robbers onto your local Minecraft installation, you can follow our helpful guide.

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Can I modify, reupload or make my own Cops and Robbers map?

In short no, you cannot reupload, modify or use the Cops and Robbers name. Cops and Robbers is a registered trademark of Podcrash and we do not allow our maps to be reuploaded or sold without explicit permission from us.

If you own your own Map download website or app and wish to include Podcrash’s maps please contact us for licensing permission.

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General Questions

Will you publish my Skin Pack or World?

Podcrash is our own team of creators and developers working on our own maps and ideas, for that reason we do not publish content from third-party teams and creators. If you are looking for a Minecraft Marketplace publisher, we highly recommend our sister company Waypoint Studios!

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I want to request a refund

We are regrettably unable to process refunds, you must go through the platform you bought it from:

Cash / Credit / Debit Card

If you bought a map or skin pack on Minecraft using cash or a bank card you must reach out to the support team of the platform you were playing on at the time


If you purchased your content using Minecoins you can open a ticket with Mojang support to possibly receive a refund.

Note: Refunds are not guaranteed, it is decided by the support team you contact. If you experience a bug in our worlds please let us know!
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Podcrash Launcher

The installer won’t launch

Run this program (Jarfix) to make sure that .jar files are being run correctly by your PC.

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Failed Microsoft Authentication

If you see the error Failed Microsoft Authentication and you are sure you entered the correct details then it’s likely your Microsoft account is registered as a child account, with a date of birth under 18.

Microsoft does not allow private clients to access Microsoft user data of under 18’s however, if the age on your account is incorrect and you are over the age of 18, you can modify your date of birth on https://microsoft.com

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Can I use a cracked account?

No. If you want to play Minecraft, and if you want to play with Podcrash Play you have to buy the game at Minecraft.net. We do not support illegal versions of the game.

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I want to add multiple Minecraft accounts

Currently, when trying to add multiple Microsoft accounts the launcher will not allow 2 or more Microsoft accounts, this is due to a bug in the launcher integration with Microsoft. We are working on a fix to this issue.

This is due to be fixed in the next update
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Podcrash Play (In-game Mod)

What are the keybinds?

J: Customize the Podcrash+ GUI to your liking.

H: Access all of the features that Podcrash+ has to offer, such as FPS Boost

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Is it compatible with Labymod?

No. Labymod is incompatible and we won’t be adding compatibility to the mod.

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Is the mod compatible with Forge?

Yes. Forge can be toggled in the settings tab of your Podcrash Launcher.

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