Cake Wars

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Cake Wars is a sweet, strategic, PVP Game where you must protect your cake, whilst trying to eliminate your opponents on islands in the sky. All the time you have your cake you will respawn! Buy items from your little friends to gain the advantage and win the game!

  • Features 3 maps, skyblock, sugar rush, lucky block
  • Team select
  • 4 skins

Released: August 11th, 2020

About the Game

Sugar Rush

Get ready to battle it out on this sugary sweet map. Crammed full of ice cream and donuts you can run around and experience a Sugar Rush. Hit the sugar rush areas to get speed buffs and jump buffs. Gaps are a thing of the past as you rocket yourself onto the enemy teams island.

Lucky Block

Are you ready for an unexpected surprise? The Lucky Block arena is full of random blocks that will give you a bonus or a punishment. Get swarmed by cake themed creepers, or get a set of diamond armour. Anything is possible! Trade-in with Kevin on the central island to get your own Lucky Block too!


Enter the Skyblock arena and battle it out to the end. You can also head to the central island to mine from the cobble generator and trade it with the friendly NPC found in the central island. Trade them in for the best gear but be careful to not get attacked by your rival!


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