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It’s Cops and Robbers like you’ve never seen before. You’ve been caught and locked up… Time to escape! How will you defeat the warden? Outrun? Outsmart? Outplay? Battle it out with your friends in this unique minigame! Will you be able to escape the depths of Alcatraz?

+ Action-packed role-playing experience
+ Multiplayer PvP minigame
+ Numerous escape routes

Minecoin 490 Minecoins

Released: September 29th, 2020

Category: Minigame

Evade the warden

Shhh, he’s right behind you! It’s battle of the brains as you sneak your way through hidden passages and creep around corners to evade the wrath of the prison guard. Whether it’s tic-tac-toe in the courtyard or being escorted to the prison canteen, be sure to know where your next escape route will be.

Trade contraband

NEW to bedrock!! Scout around the prison and scavenge your way through chests and hidden compartments, all for the rare chance to get you hands on some gold. Sneak off from your group and make your way to the black market trader, you never know how useful some items can be when you’re looking to get out of this place…

Find your escape

You may be good at finding your way around the prison, but can you claim the ultimate prize? Freedom! Work alone, or grab a friend or two and see if you can spy the hidden… or not so hidden… escape routes. Make sure you always look over your shoulder though, you never know when you are falling in to the warden’s trap!

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