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Adventure is calling you this Halloween. Your friends have been snatched up by the wicked and spooky ghosts of the manor – will you be able to rescue them? Compose music, cook some spider eye soup (yum!), defeat the curse, and more! The puzzling story of a lifetime awaits you inside the Ghastbusters mansion!

  • Animated cutscenes
  • Custom boss fights
  • 4 free teen skins!

Released: October 27th, 2020

About the Game

Explore the manor

You’re in for a surprise this Halloween season when you spend the night with us inside the Ghastbusters mansion!  Come inside and prepare to stay for a while.  There’s so much to explore and so little time to waste. I mean after all.. what could be scary about an abandoned mansion, after dark? 

Solve Puzzles

Our neighborhood ghosts love to play games, and you’ll get to play with all 7 of our prime residents!  Although some of them aren’t as friendly as others so… there’s that to be careful about.  Whether you love cooking, art, or fighting I’m sure there’s a game with our cast that you’ll enjoy!

Save your friends

Did I mention that there were 4 other people with you when you came in?  Oh yeah they’re all… missing.  Might want to find them and escape the manor in one piece because our residents may just want them to become permanent residents of Ghastbuster manor.  They grow very close to newcomers!


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Ghastbusters art

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