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Welcome to a space station full of lucky blocks! Inside each block, you will find tons of great resources, or be led into terrifying traps! Can you figure out which lucky blocks are the impostors, or will you be caught by their dangerous techniques?

+ Over 100 lucky block events!
+ Perfect for single or multiplayer!

Minecoin 660 Minecoins

Released: April 27th, 2021

Category: Game Expansion

Explore the base

The safest place in the world. The base is yours to build, grow and explore. Discover every hidden secret and make the base your safe place to explore the rest of the world.

Varieties of Blocks

Explore a world covered with lots of colourful lucky blocks to brighten up your explorations. Will they save you, help you or hinder you?

Take your chance

There are hundreds of lucky and unlucky varieties of lucky blocks, will you find the innocent blocks or will you find the imposter blocks that are waiting to find and hurt you.

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