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It may be buried in snow, but this warm and cozy village has prepared well for the winter months. Fully stocked with a warm bed, it’s a perfect base to begin your festive adventure!

Play with friends, or go at it alone. There’s plenty to explore and see in this truly magical survival adventure.

Minecoin 490 Minecoins

Released: September 29th, 2020

Category: Survival World

It's your village

Christmas is a festive time of year, and nowhere is as festive as this magical village. Explore inside the snow-topped houses, traverse under the magical Christmas tree, or venture in to the spooky tunnel. The world is truly yours to adventure, so strap on your boots and take to the snow.

Christmas cosy

Settle down inside

Winter is fierce, and the outside is cold. Take off your snowy boots and settle down for the night. Whether it’s by a roaring fire or nestled away in your comfy bed you’re sure to be relaxed in one of these sparkling new interiors. How about putting up your own decorations to make the place feel a little more home-ly?

Find hidden areas

We told you there was plenty to explore, and hidden areas are one to tick off the list. Delve deep underground, or take to the top of the houses. You never know… you may end up finding some hidden Christmas surprises around the place.

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