How to reset your Minecraft marketplace world


You may need to reset your Minecraft template when a new version releases to the Minecraft marketplace. This is typically required when a game-breaking bug is found, and an update is released.

Before we begin, there are a few things you need to know and some technical jargon to help you better understand what you are doing.

  1. A world can be made up of a build, a resource pack, and a behavior pack. Not every world is the same though, you may just have one, two, or all three things.
  2. A behavior pack controls the game features. Things like new mobs, dialogue, and weapons.
  3. A resource pack adds the textures and models you see on a map.
  4. When you reset a world, you will lose progress on old saves, by following this process you will have to restart a map from the beginning. This is a limitation of Minecraft.

For our example, we will reset one of our maps, Ghastbusters, it contains a world, resource pack, and behavior pack, and in our opinion, it is pretty awesome (you should check it out!)

Step 1) Settings Menu

As we said in the introduction, you can’t take your progress with you when you update. We know it can be not very pleasant to lose progress. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Minecraft world updates.

You need to delete your existing template. To do that, go into settings (found on the Minecraft home screen) and scroll down to “Storage.”

Step 2) Delete the Template

Select World Templates and find the map you want to delete. In our example, we are looking for Ghastbusters.

Clicking this will show you a delete option. Click it and confirm that you want to delete the template.

Step 3) Redownload the template

Go into the Minecraft Marketplace and search for the content you want to reinstall. We searched for Ghastbusters, and you can see the download button. Install your content.

Step 4) Recreate your world

You can now recreate a world using the new template version. Please note: Old worlds using the previous template may no longer function.

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