With One Story

an entire universe can come to life


Podcrash is a game developer based in London, United Kingdom, with teams located around the world in the United States, Germany, and South Africa. Since we first started in 2011, we’ve brought numerous games to the community – Cops and Robbers, Into the Dungeons, Minescape and more. Our goal is to make games that inspire imaginations, craft memorable stories and are enjoyed for years.





Podcrash was first started in 2011, with the first-ever video being uploaded to our Youtube channel. Lumbridge – Runescape in Minecraft #1 – nobody realised that this would be the beginning of something great, Runescape in Minecraft, still one of the most requested maps we have released to date.


In April of 2013 Podcrash released a map to the world, in collaboration with GizzyGazza and it quickly became a popular map, gaining the attention of YouTubers and players of the Minecraft community. This map was of course Cops and Robbers, later being called Cops and Robbers: Classic

The popularity and the overwhelming feedback from the Minecraft player base meant that Cops and Robbers 2: Derelict was released shortly after to build on the success of the series, it was described at the time as mostly a visual update to Cops and Robbers 1, and improved on map design rather than adding a whole new map. It did bring some gameplay changes though, so we still offer this version for download today.

Cops and Robbers 3: Alcatraz released in late 2013, Alcatraz quickly stood out as best in the series so far. It became a popular choice for Youtubers like SkyDoesMinecraft, TrueMU, Deadlox, HuskyMudkipz, SSundee, TheBajanCanadian and JaromeASF. Also known as Team Crafted.


Cops and Robbers was a huge success by 2014 and we were, have been and always will be immensely grateful for the support the Minecraft community gave us, 2014 bought around a new era of Cops and Robbers. Cops and Robbers 4: High Security, this was the first time Podcrash really stretched to design a map that brought everyone’s favourite mechanics and ideas and introduced some new ideas. 


Matt and Jord, the founders of Podcrash, decided that this would be the year that they moved on from Podcrash, they had built up a small team, but ultimately they were getting older and they needed to start paying bills and thinking about adult life. A few small minigames were released onto Planet Minecraft in this time, but nothing major released. Podcrash went silent.


Podcrash, for the most part, had gone inactive, the team had moved on, and no content was released in the 2-year gap. It was in this year that Callum took over the team, with Jamie and several old Podcrash members. Podcrash needed to grow back to where it once was and achieved this and more with the acquisition and mergers of several well-known teams within the Minecraft building and developing communities, both Astrium and Universal Builders joined Podcrash.

Our first project was released to the world, A Strasbourg Christmas, which recreated the famous Strasbourg Christmas market, where players explored around the online server to find Christmas presents.


With the many teams coming together in 2017, we spent a lot of time working out how the new team would work, but in late 2018 we joined the Minecraft Partner Program where we released our first map Winter Wonderland.


This was the year Podcrash truly took off, in an effort to motivate the team and help build a team feeling, all four managing members of Podcrash met up for the first time in London for the day, and shortly after we met up again in Sweden at Mojang HQ for the Minecraft Partner Palooza.

After the trip to Sweden, our team felt more motivated than ever to continue making games, by the end of 2019 we had gone on to release a further 46 products.


2020 was a weird year for everyone. Podcrash was well established and ready to work remotely. However, nobody could have predicted how weird the year would become. In 2020 Podcrash created some of our best games yet, with the likes of Ghastbusters and finally bringing Cops and Robbers Alcatraz to Bedrock.


We are still writing this chapter. Get Involved