Become a partner

Create, Share and Play.

Are you are a Youtuber or Streamer that uses Podcrash in your videos and streams? Then we would love to hear from you. Podcrash is opening up our partner program to creators from any platform to work directly with us to create exclusive merchandise for your community and for you to benefit from it too!


1) Get access to the best affiliate program in Minecraft

2) Share the love by creating giveaways to your community

3) Work with us to run exclusive events

4) Unlimited access to all Cosmetics, Emotes and more!

5) Early previews of all new features


1) Have an active channel, producing regular videos or stream on a consistent basis.

2) Have a positive attitude and community reputation.

3) Produce content that is relevant to Podcrash and Minecraft in general.

4) Promote Podcrash Play in related content.