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Podcrash Play is a leading independent Minecraft client, which is whitelisted on multiple popular servers like Mineplex, Hypixel and others! If you play competitively and want to monitor your game statistics or if you just want to play a friendly game with some improved features 

COVID-19 and our community response

Hey! This is a rather different post than the sorts of things we do on this blog. A lot of times we talk about new games, new things coming to Minecraft. We never thought we would actually do a serious blog post… However, we cannot deny that over the past few months...

How Minecraft became a platform for free thought

What is Minecraft? Since its inception, Minecraft has been a game tailored around the idea that the imagination is the limit and that nothing is too big or small to achieve. When Minecraft's official trailer first launched on December 6th 2011, the words rang out to...

Nether Update! Minecraft’s dangerous new snapshot adventure

It’s been a while since Minecraft’s eerie nether dimension has received a full make-over, but the wait is finally over, and boy are we excited!