Make sure you know the rules before you play

By downloading and using Podcrash Play you are subject to our community rules. These rules are enforced across our platform. Our Terms of Service also apply separately to our community rules.


Accounts made on the my.Podcrash system will be removed if:

1) They contain abusive, harmful, or offensive language. You may also find you are limited from creating a new account, which will block you from being able to use our launcher.
2) You imitate a staff member or popular figure. Podcrash accounts are designed to allow friends to safely communicate and share information. If you are caught imitating staff or a prominent member of the Minecraft community your account may be suspended.
3) You create multiple accounts. Podcrash Accounts are designed to let you link all your Minecraft accounts to one place. You do not need multiple accounts. 


1) Be Kind. Let’s keep the harmful and hateful chat out of the conversation.
2) Don’t try to bypass chat filters. Podcrash is used by gamers all around the world, of different ages, races, and sexualities. We do not allow any attempt to make people feel unwelcome.
3) No spam or advertising. Chat is used as a way for people who enjoy a server or community to talk with each other. If you attempt to spam flood or advertise other servers, clients or products unrelated to the channel then you may find your account is restricted from talking in chat.


1) No Cheating. Podcrash is a fun, safe place for competitive players to enjoy Minecraft. If you enable competitive mode, and you are caught cheating you will be banned from activating competitive mode in the future, meaning that you will be unable to compete in any competition that requires the use of it.

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