Lucky blocks


The infamous question mark blocks are back! Obtain 3 new tiers of lucky blocks by killing mobs, trading with scientists or find the legendary lucky block spawning in the world. Each block has lucky, or unlucky events!

+ 4 new lucky blocks!
+ Over 125 possible lucky or unlucky outcomes
+ Large custom spawn
+ 6 skins!
+ 2 free skins!

Minecoin  830 Minecoins
Released: March 3rd, 2020
Category: Minigame


Explore the factory

Factories don’t have to be scary to explore, this one’s actually quite fun! Tall spires, giant luckyblock, and a colourful interior, work your way around hidden areas in search of your precious treasure! There’s a lot of ground to cover, so why not invite some friends along for the journey?

Take some risks

What’s life without a few risks here and there? Upgrade your luckyblocks and take various levels of challenge as you dig  you way to riches. Be careful though! There’s just as many disastrous events as there is amazing rewards… so be prepared to to take a few explosions before you’re relaxing in your mansion!

Dig in to the loot

The risks have been taken, and now it’s time to claim your reward! Many luckyblocks are full to the brim with amazing treasure and items for you to take back to your base. At the end of the day… it may just be worth defeating a few mobs with the sort of items you’ll be walking away with!