Multiple Studios. One Vision.

When Podcrash first started in 2012 we believed in the power of gaming to bring together players from all over the world, to share experiences, and to create unforgettable memories that unite and unify one another. Since starting as a team of 2 we are now a team of over 40 people, spread across 3 continents. To make sure we are providing the best experience for every player of every culture and language we operate different studios to cater to different needs. Find out more about each one below!

Podcrash is our leading studio focused on delivering multiplayer, social games, and apps for English-speaking and European gamers. Based in London, United Kingdom we are always excited to create funny and enjoyable experiences. Most well known for Cops and Robbers,

Alongside our games, Podcrash also creates the popular Minecraft client Podcrash Play, which specializes in creating a more social player space for gamers to talk and share their achievements in a real-time, moderated space.

Virtual Piñata joined the Podcrash family in 2022 as part of our commitment to uniting gamers across the world. Virtual Piñata, formally Agora Games, is a studio based in Mexico, creating Spanish-speaking content for Latin America and Spanish-speaking gamers across the world.

We have spent years learning the industry of game and app development. Waypoint Studios is our way of taking our industry-leading experience and knowledge and working with carefully selected creators in the industry to share that knowledge and help create the next big idea. Waypoint Studios takes the biggest and best ideas and provides the necessary resources and expertise to help get it to market, acting as a publisher on behalf of the original creator.