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What is it

mcmrkt is a portal for showcasing and promoting your new content, allowing you to link to your content on social media and online through mcmrkt and then redirecting your customers directly into Minecraft or to Minecraft.net, we know there are a handful of services like this right now, however, we are different in that we have 0 podcrash branding on the portal and we have designed our system specifically to avoid luring your customers away to other partners or product.

Currently, our service is just launching but an early access version can be found here

In the current display, we show creator information, a logo, and social links to the creator.

Future Plans

We plan to extend this functionality soon with:

  • User Signup & Registration
  • Marketplace Creator profiles and profile customization
  • Creator subscriptions & Notifications (A user can subscribe to your profile and be notified when a new piece of content gets released by you)
  • iOS and Android companion apps to provide mobile notifications.
  • On-site user reviews, the ability for players to submit written reviews with comment moderation for partners
  • Link customization (instead of long UUID links, you can create custom ones of your choice)

Why are we doing this

I think we can all agree that marketplace pages need a lot of improvement but we don’t know or expect an update anytime soon. In the process, we are stuck struggling to push players to funnels where we can market products, get insightful feedback and generally interact with them as players and customers. We want to build a platform that engages them, brings them into a space we control (as partners), and allows us to build tools that we can use without Microsoft to build a community.

Costs & Tiers

We plan to keep the core functionality of this service free, with a tier of subscriptions for features such as link customization and profile customization as these offer customizations over functionality rather than limiting the functionality you have access to.

For example (these are all UI mock-ups at this point) the base profile for a non-subscribed creator would look something like:

Whereas a subscriber could feature products, customize rows and product display orders, etc such as

How you can help

I am looking for feedback from people like you from small to medium-sized teams to see if a service like this would be of interest to you in the future? As I say there is 0 branding on the website regardless of subscription tier, the only logos featuring on a products page is the logo of the creator – as defined by you, and the social links defined by you.

If it’s something you would be interested in trying out in the future, then we can also talk about that too. Now we only have product pages, we have active development on the other features, but they are not live right yet.