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The most popular Minecraft game, is now on Bedrock! Plan your next escape now!

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At Podcrash, we have been creating maps since 2011, crafting experiences for millions of Minecraft players and creating unforgettable experiences.

What to play?

Cops and Robbers

Minecraft’s most popular and longest-running series. Escape from the warden before time runs out. Play multiple maps, different gamemodes and most importantly, don’t get caught.

TNT Expansion

Partner up with Boom boy, destroy the city, and level up in the process unlocking more and more TNT varieties and different destructive ways to cause mayhem.

Ghastbusters art


You and 4 friends enter a haunted mansion, play with an ouija board and release terrifying spirits into the house. Take on the challenge of saving your friends and beating Carlthulu.

Not what you're looking for?

Don’t worry, these are only a few of our favorite games, they don’t have to be yours! We have loads of other great games that you should check out!

Meet Play

Do you wish it was easier to play Minecraft with friends? Do you want to make playing on servers more fun? What about looking cool whilst doing it? Podcrash Play is a custom Minecraft launcher designed to make all of these things easier and more fun. Don’t be stuck with a Vanilla experience.