Its time to play

Podcrash Play is a new Minecraft client for Java Minecraft.
Play your favorite servers, play with your friends and play Minecraft.

There's been a Jailbreak

A new twist on the Cops and Robbers experience. Escape from the warden, this time in a death run styled parkour map themed on the Cops and Robbers universe from the past 10 years. 

Podcrash x Minehut

Podcrash and Minehut are teaming up to bring you all your favorite Podcrash maps straight on Minehut.
With the click of a button, your favorite maps are installed automatically for you!

Podcrash Mascot Pod saying Hello

Podcrash is a game developer based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, with teams located around the world in the United States, Germany, and South Africa. Since we first started Podcrash in 2011, we’ve brought numerous games to the community – Cops and Robbers, Into the Dungeons, Minescape, and more. Our goal is to make games that inspire imaginations, craft memorable stories, and are enjoyed for years to come.

How to Make a Minecraft Server on Aternos

How to Make a Minecraft Server on Aternos

Everyone loves playing Minecraft maps with their friends. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a good way to do it! Whether you need a server to run a map or you just want to play Vanilla Minecraft, I’ve got you covered with the perfect solution for all of your multiplayer needs!...

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How to Download Minecraft Snapshots

How to Download Minecraft Snapshots

After hearing about the latest Minecraft update 1.17 Caves and Cliffs, all I could think about is how much I wanted to play it already! Luckily, Mojang has been providing us with snapshots that give us an insight into the features that will be coming in this update!  I’m...

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The Future of Podcrash+

The Future of Podcrash+

WHAT IS PODCRASH+ If you don’t know what Podcrash+ is let me explain. Podcrash+ is our mod for playing on popular Minecraft servers like Hypixel, Cubecraft, and Mineplex. It was initially designed with the goal of creating a more competitive environment within these servers...

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We Make Games

Check out Cakewars, our newest team-based multiplayer PvP game, now available on the Marketplace!

Podcrash mascot Pod

Since Podcrash launched in 2011 we have been home for over 5 million players to come together and play. Since then Podcrash has grown more and more with thousands of new players getting involved in our games each week. If you want to be part of our community join our forums and come chat on our official Podcrash discord.

Work at Podcrash

Join us at Podcrash and create games that are played for years and remembered for a lifetime.