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The third installment of the cops and robbers series! In collaboration with Mythrintia build team. The warden has grown tired of your antics and your constant escapes… So they’ve upped the stakes. Welcome to Alcatraz, stranded in the middle of a near endless ocean, how will you make your escape this time? Time to learn a few new tricks and see if you can put the warden in his rightful place.

Intro: There is one cop and he’s in charge. Anything from making prisoners go to the canteen for food or getting clean in the showers. The robbers must obey and do as he says, or face the consequences. Although, escape may be on the table… if you’re clever enough.

2- Unlimited

Released: June, 2013

Category: Minigames


Get yourself in line, and ready to follow the rules! The warden’s had a rough day, so keep your bickering to a minimum. From tic-tac-toe to a game of traffic lights, we’re sure the warden will think up plenty to entertain you during your stay… unless you have other things in mind?


Bored of following the rules? So are we. Sometimes the taste at freedom can be a little too much to ignore. Danger the escapes and doge the warden as you gain access to parts of the prison… that I don’t think you’re supposed to be in.


You’ve made it, and I couldn’t be prouder! All the hard work is complete now, so soak up the victory and get your gloating face on. It’s not far now to your nearest escape zone I’m sure. Wait… the warden isn’t chasing you still are they? Looks like you need to run!!