This map is only compatible with Java Minecraft. It will not work with Minecraft Bedrock Edition. If you aren’t sure which version you are using we recommend reading our FAQ.

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Are you as eggcited for easter as we are? Tired of eating chocolate?
You want us to crack on and make more egg jokes? Okay! Easter Eggcitement is an easter game made up of 5 different minigames. Play with 2 or more players and challenge each other to see who can win!

+ 2 or more players
+ 5 games in one
+ Challenging, Quick Minigames

2 – Unlimited Players

Released: March 29th, 2018

Category: Minigame


Boom Boy is ready to teach you how to get different TNT’s. Play Minecraft and level up, collect the required resources, and trade with him to unlock your true explosive potential.

Have a Blast

Discover 17 new TNT variations, from Lava bombs to Bee loving BNT.


Walking is so…. vanilla. Jump into a car of your choice and speed off into the distance leaving behind your trail of craters!

Egg Hunt

Find and collect as many eggs as fast as you can.

Chicken Tron

Don’t run into walls or your opponent’s trails, all while trying to cut their way off.

Rabbit Hunt

Those cheeky rabbits have escaped their enclosure! Go capture them and bring them back to where they belong!

The Crafting Game

Test your Minecraft knowledge about how to craft things in a race against the clock and your friends. And maybe a heated battle!

Egg Decoration

Who is the best egg painter? Find out in this minigame and replicate the shown easter egg as fast as you can!

Notes to Play:

This map comes with a bunch of custom models, so make sure to use the resource pack (already included in the map in Singleplayer, as well as linked in the map for Multiplayer)

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