This map is only compatible with Java Minecraft. It will not work with Minecraft Bedrock Edition. If you aren’t sure which version you are using we recommend reading our FAQ.

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Hidden in an old lake, an old mining village sits beneath a towering dam. Built to give access to the valuable resources the mine could provide, the mine is now abandoned and slowly everyone is moving out of the village. 

Run around, collect resources, gear up, the weakest player will become the first Wraith. Group up, or spread out, the wraith has to find and destroy every last soul to win. Alternatively, the team of players have to find a way to kill the wraith, if you succeed, the village will be free for another night.

2 – 6 Players

Released: October 2019

Version: 1.14.4

Collect Items

Items galore! From the mining zone to the abandoned forest, small items are dropping from the sky. Beat your friends to the best zone, but be quick… the wraith will be on your tail! If you’ve got your thinking cap on, you may want to stop collecting and start crafting, you’ve still got a wraith to defeat.

Find a hiding spot

There’s no shame in it, sometimes the best tactic is to hanker down in a bush an wait it out. Now you can’t wait forever, but this may be a great way to get collecting before you’re able to start your attack on the the wraith. Find your spot quick though, others may have the same tactic!

Defeat the wraith

It’s all been leading up to this, you’ve got your battle gear on and your weapons are primed. Either group up with your friends, or take it on alone it’s up to you!

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