Content Distribution Guidelines

Our guidelines are provided as a way for you to understand how we, Podcrash, allow our content to be distributed online. These guidelines are for websites or creators looking to use our provided marketing assets or to provide an alternative space to distribute our content.

Providing Downloads to Content

Our content is broken into two types: free and premium. 

Free Content

Our free content is offered for download on If you’re launching a website that links to content, we allow our content to be shown on your website, including reusing screenshots and media. Downloads must be supplied from and not self-hosted on your website. 

Premium Content

We do not allow people to rehost or provide downloads of our premium content. All of our premium content is provided with digital rights management that locks the content to only the purchaser. Breaking this is not included in the license provided by Podcrash.

Creating Content on Podcrash games

We permit all creators to make and produce content on our maps and games. If you want to make a YouTube video or stream it on Twitch, we give you a full license to do so without seeking prior permission from Podcrash. We ask that you mention what you’re playing and share how to get the game (if you enjoy it!)