How to Make a Minecraft Server on Aternos

How to Make a Minecraft Server on Aternos

How to Set up an Aternos Server

Everyone loves playing Minecraft maps with their friends. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a good way to do it! Whether you need a server to run a map or you just want to play Vanilla Minecraft, I’ve got you covered with the perfect solution for all of your multiplayer needs!

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to set up and host your own Minecraft server for free using the server host, Aternos. I will also show you how to upload maps as well as create normal survival worlds using this service!

In order to set up your own Minecraft server, you’ll need to start by setting up an Aternos account. You can do so by going to their website. Once you have created an account, you need to hit the play button at the bottom right of your screen. If it doesn’t show up for you right away, try scrolling down until you see it.

Once you click that button, it will take you to a login or signup page. After you do so, it will ask you to create an account with Aternos or log into a pre-existing account if you previously made one.  

After signing up or logging in, you will be taken to your account panel where you can create a server. There will be a green button that says “Create” on the homepage which you need to click. It will bring up a server profile and another blue button that says “Create”. Click both of them to start up your new server.

If you’re planning on playing the latest version of Minecraft in a random vanilla seed, then you don’t need to make any changes here. You can just press start and play with your friends by giving them the IP! If you need to upload a specific map onto your server, follow the next session!

How to Upload a Map to your Aternos Server

Maps typically require earlier versions of Minecraft because they take a large amount of effort to renovate with each new update. If the map you’re interested in playing needs a different version of the game, you can click the green “Change” button in the versions section.

After hitting the change button it will bring up a menu of different versions of Minecraft.  Choose whichever version you need for the map you plan on playing. 

Once you select the correct version, it’s time to upload your map! To do so you’ll need to click the “Worlds” option on the left sidebar. This will take you to a new page where you can either reset your world or upload a new one in its place. For the purposes of our tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to upload a map which will require you to click the orange “Upload” button.

When you click on the drop-down it’ll ask you to upload the map in either a zip file format or to upload the contents of a folder. In order to do that you need to make sure that you upload the folder with the map contents alone, or else it won’t work. That’ll look something like the picture below for more recently developed maps.

Once uploaded you can go back to the homepage and start your server! It should load you into the map once your server is online. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes a while for a server to start up as there can be a queue of people waiting to join as well as general start-up delays. You’ll hear a notification go off once your server is up and running. You can join by using the IP address that is shown in your server tab. 

That’s a wrap!

I hope you found this blog post helpful! We at Podcrash hope you have fun with your friends and get to enjoy the numerous amount of maps that are out there for players to enjoy! 

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The Future of Podcrash+

The Future of Podcrash+


If you don’t know what Podcrash+ is let me explain. Podcrash+ is our mod for playing on popular Minecraft servers like Hypixel, Cubecraft, and Mineplex. It was initially designed with the goal of creating a more competitive environment within these servers alongside adding unique game-enhancing abilities into them. This included features for Minestrike, Dominate, Cops Vs Crims, and more.

What was soon realized by doing so is that we locked ourselves into a situation where we can only appeal to players in very specific niches. Podcrash+, from its branding to its functionality, was designed with only the competitive player in mind. We’re proud to announce the beginning of a new era for our mod as it transitions to its own stand-alone client for not only competitive but casual play as well.

Podcrash Play Logo


Podcrash Play is designed to not just make playing fun, but to make playing sociable. We believe we are the first platform in Minecraft to encourage fun, fair competitive play in a sociable and welcoming environment. This starts with introducing our own launcher as well as overhauling our UI design to be much more player-friendly. 

Since Podcrash Play is transitioning from a mod to becoming a stand-alone client, this opens a huge amount of opportunities for us to develop you some amazing features that weren’t even imaginable in Podcrash+! 


Podcrash Play has been in development in various forms for nearly 3 years. We want to make sure we get this update right for you, our players. Everything you see here is coming to Podcrash Play in the coming months, but our focus is on stability and quality over quantity, therefore you will see some features before others in this list. We are constantly looking at your suggestions left at to decide where and what we prioritize our focus on, so if you are as enthusiastic as I am, please spend some time voting for the features you love, and discussing the feature suggestions to help us understand where we should focus our time first!



Podcrash+ has always been about improving play, be it improving FPS in-game or improving some much-loved game modes like Minestrike, Dominate, and Bridges. All while adding a bunch of features like GUI overlays, Arrow tracers, and more.


So the first big change you should know is, that Podcrash Play is becoming its own standalone client. Rather than just a mod that you install over others, Podcrash will now allow you to experience a more social way to play Minecraft.


You asked, and well yeah, to be honest, I agree… Podcrash will now start supporting Discord integration, so if you load up the client your friends will be able to see that you are playing on Podcrash Play.


Podcrash isn’t just a place to play Minecraft, it isn’t just a place to add shiny features, our vision of Podcrash is a place where you can share your greatest moments and build your best memories. Since we first launched Cops and Robbers, we have always been about bringing people together. With this update, you will be able to add your friends, see what servers or games they are playing, and even join in on the fun by clicking straight into their game, on supported servers. As you can see, our friend John is playing on Hypixel on his favorite account DrMelon, by being able to share this information you and your friends can quickly join one another and cut out the various boring menus and distractions.

(Note: This is a demonstration account the DrMelon account is not associated with Podcrash)


Playing Minecraft is fun. Playing Minecraft whilst showing off your exclusive cosmetics, or rocking your favorite YouTubers merch in-game… Well, that’s just cool. Podcrash Play will be building in support for an in-client store allowing you to customize your character and make you truly stand out in the crowd. 

I can also confirm that starting today, Podcrash will be opening applications for YouTubers and Streamers to get access to our platform to release custom cosmetics at the best share ratio currently available on all platforms. You can apply early by going to


I don’t know about you, but I get so annoyed having to remember multiple emails and passwords to access all my Minecraft accounts and website logins. It’s annoying and there must be an easier way! Well, maybe there is, you can create a Podcrash account and use it to just log in to our client, website, and any other services we provide and gain immediate access to your account and to your information. No more annoying registration pages!

If you’d like to set up your Podcrash account early, and maybe grab an OG username, early sign-ups for a Podcrash account is available right now! You can get started by heading over to and creating an account.  

You can read more about My Podcrash, how we store data, and what technologies we use to ensure that everything you do is absolutely safe and secure.


Put your hand up if you own more than one Minecraft account…. Come on 🙋‍♂️

Let’s be honest, we all have, and it’s so annoying having to close Minecraft every time, login, launch the game, and ugh I’m bored just writing about it. With the new release, you will be able to change your account in no time. (Oh and did I mention, any cosmetics you have, are automatically linked to all your Minecraft accounts, not just the one!)


IRC was the only social feature of Podcrash+ and it was loved and used by a large number of our daily players. So much so that when it had to be removed, you spammed my DMs asking when it would be fixed. Well, we are back, better than ever and this time, spammers beware, we bring moderators. All IRC channels will be reactivated in the next update alongside global spam and chat filtering.


Olá, Bonjour, Hallo and Ciao! Say hello to our new language support, our installer, client, and game will now allow you to use our GUI in multiple languages. This will need a little help from you though! If you are a fluent speaker of any language aside from English please reach out on our discord to help us out!


We love hearing about the games you play, and we love that some communities and games we don’t support use our mod full-time despite not supporting or adding anything to the games! Well, we hear you, we are committed to improving the games you play, on whatever server you play, and we are actively developing new features for games within our community! 

Currently, we support Hypixel’s Cops Vs Crims and Mineplex’s Bridges, Minestrike, and Domination. We plan to bring some long-awaited updates to these.

I can also say that Mineplex’s CakeWars, MicroBattles, and Block Hunt will be shortly added we are beginning to look at future games to start supporting.


Who needs lights when your monitor can light up your entire room every time you open Minecraft. Toggle dark mode on or off at any time and never have to worry about being blinded by the light at 1 am ever again!


Who wants to deal with the hassle of installing a new map? Finding IPs are also just such a thing of the past! In Podcrash Play, you’re able to click on any of the featured servers and maps you regularly play on and jump right in!

If we don’t have your favorite server listed you can also add it to the quick launch.


Want a convenient way to show off all of your achievements, all your OG usernames, and all the competitions you have won? With your own profile page, you have the perfect way to do it! Whether you want to display your latest game stats or want to show off your favorite servers, these pages are all about you!


He’s hiding around the corner. What corner. That corner. Surely there’s a better way to share information in the game than screaming down voice comms… Why not just show them! With location pings, you are able to show your team exactly where you are looking. Gone are the days of frustrated yelling voice comms!


Crosshairs. Ironically they are never really the focus of much love. Especially Minecraft and that’s just not fair! With our custom crosshairs feature, you can choose the perfect style for you and improve your aim!


1 in 12 males and 1 in 200 females suffer from color blindness. We’re adding different color profiles to our client in order to help any players who may be affected by this. We are working with experts at the Color Blind Awareness Organization to ensure we provide the best possible design to help you enjoy the game we all love.


It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the Podcrash Server will be closing down effective immediately. Our server was started as a way to support communities and games that were unable to get the help they needed. We remain committed to doing just that, but to do it through communication and cooperation with as many servers as possible. Since we started 10 years ago, from the first YouTube collaborations with SkyDoesMinecraft all the way to now, we have always prided ourselves on our ability to work closely with other members of the community. The Podcrash server did not uphold those core values, and instead of helping the community, we divided it. 

In the coming weeks, we will open-source our entire Minecraft game engine and the various games we created using it. How you choose to use this is completely up to you!


Podcrash is about bringing together communities and players. What better way than by working with servers, creators, and communities that already do this!

Our mission is to create a client that’ll enhance the experience of Minecraft for everyone. We want to include as many servers and communities as possible in challenging the boundaries of this game and creating a customizable and enjoyable experience. We’re currently working in partnership with the MCCL community to promote a new type of competitive experience within their leagues.

We’re also happy to announce that we are looking for partners to help us further our goal! Whether you’re a content creator making videos or doing live streams or a server manager, we’re looking to work with you! Get in touch with us by applying using the link below!


This has been a long time coming. We aren’t quite at the finish line yet, but we are so so so close and we think it’s about time you know everything you have coming in 2021 to your Podcrash Play experience.

What is My Podcrash (Single Sign-On)

What is My Podcrash (Single Sign-On)

My Podcrash is the name we have given to our Single-Sign-On platform. Single-Sign-On is an account authentication method to allow you to create one account and use that account to login to any service we own or operate.

Our My Podcrash system uses the OAuth 2.0 standard. This is an open industry standard and many of the common apps you use with “Single-Sign-On” platforms like Google and Youtube or Facebook and Instagram. It works by sharing information without ever sharing your secure details such as your password.

How do I know it’s secure?

OAuth is a HTTP based authentication, so the first thing to check is to ensure you are using HTTPS or a secure internet connection. All of our services and websites are protected under HTTPS.

When you log in to a Podcrash service, you will be directed to If you are being asked for your Podcrash password on any other website then you should immediately report it to us for further investigation and do not use the service.

Do you give others access to My Podcrash?

No. Podcrash is the only company that has access to any data provided to us on If we ever change this policy, or allow communities to build in support for My Podcrash then we will ensure they uphold our standards of security and monitor for abuse.

If we ever did this, the nature of Single-Sign-On means that we would never give anyone access to your password or any confidential details.

COVID-19 and our community response

COVID-19 and our community response


This is a rather different post than the sorts of things we do on this blog. A lot of times we talk about new games, new things coming to Minecraft. We never thought we would actually do a serious blog post… However, we cannot deny that over the past few months of building this we have been very lucky to pull some decent viewership on our blog, reaching 50,000-100,000+ people an article in some cases, and so staying silent didn’t feel right.

Podcrash also operates a lot of gaming communities, and as countries prepare for more and more isolation and containment we want to do our best to provide a safe space for you and friends to play games and communicate without putting yourself or others around you at risk. We have therefore started upgrading our services, and opening new opportunities for you to continue playing.

Online Servers

Podcrash gamemodes are still relatively popular, we see around 1000 downloads a day on old and new maps for Java edition Minecraft. We know that as more and more people become isolated it will become harder to spend time with friends and family. We are opening our game servers to everyone, and encourage you to hop online to our free java server to play a rotation of Cops and Robbers maps, if you want to change it for another map, jump in our discord and one of our team will come help swap it over. You can get the server IP from our discord

If you don’t want to play on our servers, or don’t fancy playing Cops and Robbers, we recommend checking out StickyPiston Hosting’s trial service that offers a collection of some of the best maps new and old (including ours) you can view all available maps here


We are aware that both Mineplex and Hypixel are preparing for larger than normal traffic surges throughout the coming days and weeks, and we are aware that a lot of players enjoy using Podcrash+ to add to their game experience on those servers. Podcrash+ is a free mod and our servers that authenticate the user and help provide a lot of the functionality you use and enjoy on the mod is provided completely for free by us. We are unfortunately preparing for the worse and we expect that during this period our servers will face some severe performance issues at peak times.

In an attempt to help this, we are building emergency protocols into our workflow, as of today we are increasing the player limit our server can handle at any one point, although this will come at the cost of a loss of some features and service for our Discord bot, so if you notice a player struggling with a question, please help our teams and help them by finding the answer. If you aren’t sure then direct them to staff.

Podcrash Status will also be monitoring all services at a 1-minute interval and if it notices any issues our development teams will be notified to step in and attempt to mitigate the issues before it becomes severe. Alongside this we are building more internal monitoring tools and looking into how we can optimize our server performance with short term fixes before the full relaunch later this year.

If you need help, think there are issues or want to keep updated with Podcrash+ make sure to join their discord

What can I do to help?

The truth is, we are a community of young people, and, barring any underlying health issues, we are classed as one of the lowest at-risk groups, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful, listen to your local authorities advice and make sensible decisions and choices with that information. As gamers, there are a bunch of causes you can join in on at no cost to you, for example, [email protected] is an international network that you can link your gaming PC up to, and help provide some processing power to a global network available to organisations currently trying to find answers to the COVID-19 virus. GPU’s are particularly good at doing this, who said gaming never helped! If you want to read more about how [email protected] works, and what they are doing, you can find it on Reddit and if you want to get started straight away then you can download [email protected] from their website

From everyone at Podcrash, we wish you and your families the best, and we hope you stay safe in these trying times.