What is My Podcrash (Single Sign-On)

My Podcrash is the name we have given to our Single-Sign-On platform. Single-Sign-On is an account authentication method to allow you to create one account and use that account to login to any service we own or operate.

Our My Podcrash system uses the OAuth 2.0 standard. This is an open industry standard and many of the common apps you use with “Single-Sign-On” platforms like Google and Youtube or Facebook and Instagram. It works by sharing information without ever sharing your secure details such as your password.

How do I know it’s secure?

OAuth is a HTTP based authentication, so the first thing to check is to ensure you are using HTTPS or a secure internet connection. All of our services and websites are protected under HTTPS.

When you log in to a Podcrash service, you will be directed to https://my.podcrash.com. If you are being asked for your Podcrash password on any other website then you should immediately report it to us for further investigation and do not use the service.

Do you give others access to My Podcrash?

No. Podcrash is the only company that has access to any data provided to us on my.podcrash.com. If we ever change this policy, or allow communities to build in support for My Podcrash then we will ensure they uphold our standards of security and monitor for abuse.

If we ever did this, the nature of Single-Sign-On means that we would never give anyone access to your password or any confidential details.

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