How to reset your Minecraft marketplace world

How to reset your Minecraft marketplace world


You may need to reset your Minecraft template when a new version releases to the Minecraft marketplace. This is typically required when a game-breaking bug is found, and an update is released.

Before we begin, there are a few things you need to know and some technical jargon to help you better understand what you are doing.

  1. A world can be made up of a build, a resource pack, and a behavior pack. Not every world is the same though, you may just have one, two, or all three things.
  2. A behavior pack controls the game features. Things like new mobs, dialogue, and weapons.
  3. A resource pack adds the textures and models you see on a map.
  4. When you reset a world, you will lose progress on old saves, by following this process you will have to restart a map from the beginning. This is a limitation of Minecraft.

For our example, we will reset one of our maps, Ghastbusters, it contains a world, resource pack, and behavior pack, and in our opinion, it is pretty awesome (you should check it out!)

Step 1) Settings Menu

As we said in the introduction, you can’t take your progress with you when you update. We know it can be not very pleasant to lose progress. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Minecraft world updates.

You need to delete your existing template. To do that, go into settings (found on the Minecraft home screen) and scroll down to “Storage.”

Step 2) Delete the Template

Select World Templates and find the map you want to delete. In our example, we are looking for Ghastbusters.

Clicking this will show you a delete option. Click it and confirm that you want to delete the template.

Step 3) Redownload the template

Go into the Minecraft Marketplace and search for the content you want to reinstall. We searched for Ghastbusters, and you can see the download button. Install your content.

Step 4) Recreate your world

You can now recreate a world using the new template version. Please note: Old worlds using the previous template may no longer function.

Things to do on Summer Holiday Island

Things to do on Summer Holiday Island

Enjoy your summer

We have spent all year thinking about fun things we can do this summer, and we’ve come up with a whole heap of activities you can spend your time on in our newest release: Summer Holiday Island – available now on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Use the map below to explore the Island with us, and share some of your favorite images of your own Minecraft summer holiday to @podcrash on Twitter! Now enough talking, let’s get into the fun stuff!

1) Dive into the Aquarium 🦈

Near the center of the Island, our Aquarium is full to the brim with Minecraft sea life. Be surrounded by the sea in our fish domes, watch some exotic crocodiles, penguins, and sharks roam their enclosures (although hopefully not together!), and see what really goes on under the sea! A perfect attraction to visit with friends, can we come along?

2) Putt a few hours away in Mini Golf ⛳

Make your way around our 9 holes mini golf course located in the Island forest. Challenge your friends and see who is able to go through, round and over the various obstacles one each course. Holes get progressively harder as you make your way through the forest. Hole 8 is my favorite! Which is yours?

3) Visit the beach 🏖️

There’s sand in my shoes!!! But at least we get to play on the beach. Chill out on a sun lounger, or get a drink and paddle in the ocean. The island is surrounded by beaches, so you’re never short on a place to kick back and enjoy the sun. What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach? Can’t beat a good sandcastle if you ask me!

4) Under the sea 🤿

As a wise little crab once said “Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there” – and whilst I will say our island is pretty cool (okay I am a little biased) when you put on some scuba gear and go for a swim you are likely to find all sorts of interesting, weird, and colorful animals and plants. Grab some scuba gear from the driving instructor and jump in!

5) To Yacht or not? 🛥️

Ever wanted to just grab a speedboat or a jet ski and feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face? No… Just me? Oh alright. Well, you should totally try it out! Around the island, there are loads of different boats that you hop in and take for a spin. If you’re playing with friends, why not challenge them to a race around the island? We can neither confirm nor deny that this was a large part of our team’s playthrough of this map!

6) Feeling a bit lazy? ⛱️

Boats are cool but sometimes they are just too much speed for one person to handle… if you want to slow the pace down a little then jump in a float, put your legs up, and float through the lazy river. Its bending, narrow stream wind through the entire island and allows you to really see the sights. That’s if you don’t relax too much and fall asleep!

7) Jump to it 🏃🏽‍♀️

If boating and relaxing really isn’t your thing, why not take a run along the water obstacle course and tackle the challenging parkour that awaits you on your journey to the top! We can confirm that there are some great views once you get there.

8) Cart Race? 🚗

Scattered around the island, these golf carts are here for you to get between attractions easier. It’s your holiday, why should you be made to walk everywhere! While you’re at it, why not get a few friends together and see who can find the quickest route to one of the destinations!

Warning: We take no responsibility for any injuries caused in golf cart crashes that happen on our island!

9) Become an adventurer! 🔭

You are on your very own island so why not make use it! Become an adventurer, and explore the island’s many ancient mystical statues (that totally weren’t built only a few years ago when our island became a tourist spot). If you’re feeling brave enough why not climb the huge volcano, but don’t touch the lava, it might burn!

10) Walk the plank ☠️

What sort of island would we be if we didn’t have our very own Pirate ship and crew! Cannonball off the ship and swim around the boat, talk to the crew, or explore the decks of the pirate ship!

Be warned though: Any gold you decide to take on to the ship may not leave with you!

11) I can see my house from up here! 🎡

Take a nighttime visit to our humungous Ferris wheel (you can’t miss it) and watch our island’s famous firework show! We guarantee that you will love every second of it, and what a view over the island you’ll get once you’re up there! This is not an attraction for those who are afraid of heights, but we really recommend it as a way to end a long day.

12) Get your very own Cabana 🛏️

All that exploring gets tiring, and after a long day of playing, exploring, and relaxing you’re going to need a place to relax and sleep! Well, we know just the place! After locating your ideal cabana on the map, you can start decking it out with furniture available from our island staff – who you will find around the island on your adventures. Get creative and make it your very own cosy place!

That’s all from us for now!

That’s it! Our tour of the island is over, but should you ever want to refresh your memory: you can visit our tour guides at the entrance where you will receive your very own map to help you find your way around! Enjoy your holiday on our Summer Holiday Island (available now on the Minecraft marketplace)!

Final tip: If you’re still a little unsure, why not check out our trailer below!


Minecraft Cakewars – All you need to know

Minecraft Cakewars – All you need to know

What is Cakewars

One of the attributes that defines Minecraft is its PvP, and what better way to showcase it than through a fun, action-packed, and daring gamemode – Cakewars.

For those unaware Cakewars is a strategic, PvP-based gamemode, where the key objective is to protect the cake on your home island. While you’re battling to protect your baked goods you may build up the courage to eliminate your opponents on neighboring islands, destroying their cake – and eliminating them from the game. All the time you have your cake you will respawn!

So why should our version excite you?

As you may have noticed if you follow us on other platforms, we’ve recently released our own version of the popular gamemode onto the Minecraft Marketplace.

But enough selfless advertising, if you haven’t had the chance to have a look at our version, or have just purchased it and are unaware of what to do, here’s a brief idea of how we’ve taken our own twist on the popular gamemode:

Our maps


  • Skyblock – We know everyone loves Skyblock and as all of our maps take place around islands, it seems fitting for a crossover between the two. If you’ve loaded into the Skyblock map you want to secure your cake, and head straight to the cobble generator where you’ll be able to gain enough cobble to trade with the “Cobbler” for specialty items.
  • Lucky Blocks – Another incredibly popular gamemode, fit for a crossover! As the name suggests this map may sometimes require more luck than skill. When you’re ready to go on the aggressive, armor yourself up and build over to one of the corners “Luckyblock Islands”, each equipped with two Lucky Blocks. Each Lucky Block is breakable to reveal your loot, this loot may range anywhere from luxury items to a nasty anvil injury! 
  • Sugary Rush – Candy, candy, candy! What’s better than candy? To bring a spin of originality to the game, and put the ‘Cake’ in Cakewars, Sugar rush focuses on sugar-driven abilities that help you navigate your way around the map. Emeralds will also spawn in hidden locations around the map, these can be traded at your home base for valuable items and resources so watch out for the spawners!

Custom abilities

Each map is filled to the brim with awesome abilities and hidden secrets, some of which you’ll notice I’ve mentioned in the map descriptions above. Here’s a rundown of what you can look forward to from each:

Sugar rush [Sugar Rush] – Named after the maps, this ability gives you a short-term sugar rush jump boost which allows you to clear the gaps in between the different islands. This ability is not only useful in intense PvP fights but can help you quickly and easily travel to an opponent’s island to destroy their cake!

Cobblestone generator [Skyblock] – As you would expect with any map sporting the “Skyblock” title we’ve made sure ours comes equipped with a cobblestone generator. This cobblestone can then be traded with the “Cobbler” for valuable items. We recommend you upgrade to a high-quality pickaxe if you’re planning on using this strategy – as although the reward can be great, it can take up valuable cake-guarding time to get enough cobblestone for the very best loot!

Emerald trading is a good way to get the very best items

Iron is less valuable but still useful!

Trading [All maps] – Trading can be an extremely useful way to win the game. The most effective way of trading is to hunt the map for resources (we recommend keeping a teammate back at your base to defend the cake while you do so!) then return to your nearest trader who sports the color of the resource you want to trade for upgraded items. We recommend starting off with easier items and working your way up to diamond!

Trading is available on all of the maps, however, the type of trading can differ slightly – for example, Sugar Rush features an emerald trader who you can track down for the possibility of extremely luxurious items, and Skyblock offers a cobblestone trader.

Hit the Lucky Blocks to break them

Fireworks are just one of many rewards!

Lucky Blocks [Lucky Block] – The flagship mechanic for the Lucky Blocks map, you may already be aware of what it does. If you’re able to find your way onto an island that features Lucky Blocks (and you’re up for a small gamble) attempt to destroy the block and await your fate. As with all Lucky Block maps you’re going to have a 50% chance of something nice, and a 50% chance of something… less nice. We recommend taking as much risk as you are comfortable with, however, those that are more daring… and survive… are certainly rewarded for their bravery!

See if you can find Jason around the map

Trade with Jason for Lucky Blocks

Jason [Lucky Block] – Jason may be a little difficult to find in the Lucky Block map (make sure to hunt around all of the areas), but when you do, he’s a great resource to have. He will trade some of the maps’ spawned items (Iron, Gold, Emerald) for Lucky Blocks, which you can then place. Although this may not sound exciting given that you can find Lucky Blocks around the map naturally, having one available when you’re low on resources during a PvP encounter can be really useful!

Let’s wrap it up

We hope this post has given you a look into Cakewars as a gamemode and showcased how proud we are of the version we’ve created! We’re really excited to see how you find some of the exciting abilities, maps, and features we’ve cooked up for you.  If you’ve found this post useful or want to share how you’re finding the map, send us an email at [email protected] or tweet us @podcrash. If you’re looking for some friends to play with on any of our content, our Discord is a great place to meet new people and talk with our staff. That’s all for now, see you soon!