How to reset your Minecraft Add-On!


To reset your Minecraft Add-On or update it, you may need to reset your Minecraft storage. This is commonly required when an update doesn’t download correctly and needs to be reset.

Step 1) Settings Menu

To start, you’ll need to head to your settings menu. Right at the bottom of the left sidebar, you’ll see ‘Storage’, which will then open up these options.

Step 2) Delete both Cached Data and Behaviour Packs

Use the ‘Multiselect’ option at the top and then go to both the ‘Cached Data’ and ‘Behaviour Packs’ and choose both to delete.

Step 3) Redownload the Add-On

Once you’ve completed the steps above, re-download the Add-On!

Step 4) Activate the Add-On

Click ‘Activate Add-On!’ to either add it to an existing world or start fresh and make a new one. And that’s it, we hope this guide managed to help!

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