FARMING v1.0.10 Update

Hey Farmers! We’ve got a new update for you, this one is a more simple bug fix, we don’t have any new items or surprises for you, but we have fixed a bunch of the major issues.

  • Fixed Bean textures showing poorly.
  • Fixed Apple Pie not showing up on the Plate.
  • Fixed Peach Pie showing up as Apple Pie on a Plate.
  • Fixed Bone Meal creating grass when used on plants in creative mode.
  • Fixed Coconuts immediately breaking when spawning randomly in the world.
  • Fixed Players not being able to open doors while holding seeds.
  • Fixed the Cheeseburger recipe containing too much iron (and consuming a Bucket).
  • Fixed the dupe issue with Watering Cans when placed on specific blocks.
  • Fire Aspect weapons now cook meat when used to kill an animal.

If you missed it, we also had a vote in our discord to choose the next update and you chose THE KITCHENWARE UPDATE!!!

I know, I’m excited! For the moment we don’t have much to share about this update, all I can tell you right now is we’ve got some cool ideas cooking, and when we’re done, you’ll have a billion new ways to cook. [Editors note: Maybe not a billion, but definitely more than you currently have!]

Anyway, that’s it for this update! We’ll be back soon with another cool update!

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