FARMING v1.0.9 Update

Here are the new items we’ve added:

  • Burgers
  • Plates
  • Watering Can
  • Crafting recipe for making wool using cotton
  • Furnace recipe for cooking eggs with quail eggs
  • Crafting a recipe for black dye using black feathers
  • The “Changelog” tab was added to the guidebook
  • “Settings” tab added to the guidebook
  • Another variant added to the Yak

And here are the bugs we’ve fixed:

  • Converted Juicer to be a block
  • Made crops compostable
  • Made quail eggs throwable
  • Made certain crops harvestable without having to break them
  • Realigned leash locator on certain animals
  • Overhauled plenty of textures and models
  • Fixed certain animals that were not breedable using our seeds
  • Fixed certain animals that were not on the right scale when growing up

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