Minehut market is closing down

Minehut recently informed us that they intend to close down the Minehut market in December, and from that point on, all products purchased through Minehut will not be able to be re-downloaded once deleted from your Minehut instance.

Regrettably, that means that if you have purchased a product through Minehut, you will no longer be able to access it directly within the Minehut control panel.

When we partnered with Minehut to sell content, we offered some of our games on the market and some exclusive server spawns and terrain. As content previously purchased on Minehut will no longer be available to download once the market closes, we want to let you know how to find the new content and, if you purchased a server spawn, how to transfer your purchase to our own store.

I purchased a game

All of our games are free to download; purchasing through Minehut was a convenient way to install them into your server and made that process easier. If you want to download any of our games, including the Cops and Robbers series and The Withering Trials, you can find them on our games page. We also have handy guides to walk you through installing a map on a server.

I purchased a spawn

As we mentioned above, when the market closes, you won’t be able to download products purchased through the Minehut store. Because of that, we are offering a one-time opportunity to transfer your download from the Minehut market to our store, CBA2Craft.com where we guarantee the download will always be available.

To claim your complimentary transfer, you need to do a few things to help our team process your transfer:

  1. Sign-up to our store at cba2craft.com and verify your account.
  2. Email our support team at support@cba2craft.com and let us know the email you used to register on CBA 2 Craft and proof of your Minehut market purchase.

Please note that we need proof of your purchase from Minehut, which can be a screenshot of your purchase, a Minehut receipt or any other valid proof this can be obtained from https://minehut.com/market/purchased.

Please also ensure that your CBA 2 Craft account is registered and confirmed. Otherwise, we won’t be able to transfer the product.

Some products are named differently on CBA 2 Craft than Minehut; however, it is the same product.

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