Cops and Robbers: Arctic

Welcome to Stoneward, a fresh take on Cops and Robbers, explore a brand new high-security prison located in the Arctic Tundra, can you escape before its too late?

Intro: There is one cop and he’s in charge. Anything from making prisoners go to the canteen for food or getting clean in the showers. The robbers must obey and do as he says, or face the consequences. Although, escape may be on the table… if you’re clever enough.

  2- Unlimited
Released: March 2020
Category: Roleplay
Minecraft Java 1.15.2

‘rules’ are optional

Get back to work! Let the prisoners know who’s boss by laying down the law (if playing as the cop). Or follow the cop’s commands (if playing as a robber). Either way, rules are being made, and they’re there to be followed. We want to keep an orderly prison after all, don’t we?!? Or has someone got some escaping to be doing?

Explore the prison

Train stations, wardens towers, medical bays, solitary confinement, and libraries with books galore… stop me now! Playing as the cop or the robber, this place is packed to the brim with interesting nooks,  and sneaky escapes. There’s plenty to explore, and that means lots of places to hide… or lots of places to be searching.


The Train is leaving!

From boats to helicopters, Cops and Robbers has seen it all when it comes to interesting escapes, and Artic is no different! After diving through sneaky cracks in the wall, slivering through the prison vent system, and parkouring through vine-covered walls – the prisoner train may end up being your final ticket to freedom..


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