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Celebrate the holidays with your friends in this festive themed minigame map! Whether you are looking for the classics of parkour and spleef, or for some entirely new games such as Zombie Apocalypse, Golf, and more, this map is a must-have for your festive celebration!

+ 8 minigames that are perfect for the winter holidays!
+ Play with friends or alone!

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Released: December 15th, 2020

Category: Minigame

Games for everyone

Celebrate Christmas together by playing several Minecraft minigames, all of the games are designed to be played by pros or by people new to Minecraft.

Help Santa

Santa needs help crafting presents in his workshop. Race against time and craft the required items before the clock runs out. How many presents can you help make?

Protect Christmas

Work together to fight against hordes of zombies that are in Santa’s workshop. 

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