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Filled with mobs and monsters, enter into a collection of randomized dungeons with thousands of possible combinations and paths. Run through, gear up and make your way to one of the 4 final bosses to win the dungeon. Can you defend yourself and your friends and find the way to the end? Venture into the dungeons and find out!

+ 4 skins for boys and girls
+ Random dungeons

Minecoin 490 Minecoins

Released: May 19th, 2020

Category: Minigame

The Perished Leviathan

  1. Mutate – Grow in two phases with increasing damage each time
  2. Desert Mirage – Summons husks that attack for a few seconds before disappearing
  3. Summon: Baby Zombies – Summons a few baby zombies to attack

The Unholy Pyre

  1. The Ring of Fire – The boss creates a ring of fire that does damage every second to players around him.
  2. Blazing Barrage – The boss shoots many large fireballs in rapid succession.
  3. Flaming Explosion – After a short delay, pushes all players away.


  • Summon: Spider – Summons a few spiders to attack
  • Venom Strike – Poisons adventurers in a small radius
  • Vanish – Goes invisible for a short duration

The Grey Damned

  1. Power Explosion – Launches players within a few blocks back
  2. Hide and Seek – Teleports to a random location in a room
  3. Arcane Teleport – Teleports all players a few blocks up in the center of the room, then drops them.

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