Cops and Robbers Jailbreak

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There’s been a jailbreak! The robbers have escaped their cells and are making their escape. However, the cops have set countless traps in order to stop them. Join the robbers in their escape or try to stop them as the warden!

  • Fast-paced Cops and Robbers-themed parkour map!
  • Many unique types of traps!
  • Multiplayer PvP and parkour map!

Released: April 6, 2021

About the Minigame

Deathrun Style

The Cops and Robbers series meets a death run styled game. Run through a map inspired by classic Cops and Robbers worlds and escape to the boat.


Take it slow or run fast through detailed levels of parkour.

Stop the Escape

Join the Cops and trigger traps along the way to stop Robbers from escaping through the map.

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