Into the Dungeons

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Filled with mobs and monsters, enter into a collection of randomized dungeons with thousands of possible combinations and paths. Run through, gear up and make your way to one of the 4 final bosses to win the dungeon. Can you defend yourself and your friends and find the way to the end? Venture into the dungeons and find out!

  • 4 skins for boys and girls
  • Random dungeons

Released: May 19, 2020

About the Minigame

Enter the Dungeons

Enter into randomly generated dungeons solo or with your friends and try to battle your way to the end!

The mobs are in control

Mobs rule the dungeons, you can enter but beware, they are in control. Fight through room after room, wave after wave, and try to gear up for the fight of your life!

The Boss Rules

Every dungeon ends in a boss fight. Four bosses wait for you, the Perished Leviathan, the Unholy Pyre, the Wraithcrawler and the Grey Damned. Which one will you face!

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