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Are you ready to go on an adventure into the world of PodMobs? Join your friends Stef and Phere while trying to capture and combine hundreds of mobs. Start your journey while exploring six regions and hundreds of mobs, catch them all, combine different variations, and experiment with seeing what you can create.

  • Custom soundtrack!
  • Lots of mob combinations!

Released: June 7, 2022

About the Adventure Map


PodMobs is a world of combinations and experiments. Explore and catch new mobs and create hundreds of unique and cool combinations.

Explore 5 Biomes

Explore through 5 stunning biomes from Harmony Forest, Glistening Glaciers, Ashen Barrens, the Shifting Sands, and the Madlands!

Lots of Mobs

Each region has lots of new mobs to discover, catch and combine. Research and find out more about every mob from Dr. Diorites’ research.

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