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The Ouija Board isn't spawning!

We are aware with a bug on Ninetendo Switch causing the Ouija board not to spawn. Whilst we implement a fix please follow the below guide to fix it:

Step 1.) Pause the game.

Step 2.) Open Settings

Step 3.) Make sure you’re under Game and click “Unlock Template World Options”

Step 4.) Click “Unlock All Settings”

Step 5.) Scroll down until you see Cheats. You want to enable “Activate Cheats”

Step 6.) Return to the game.

Step 7.) Type the following in chat /summon flowen:ouija 9 80 182 flowen:active

The Game crashed and now something is glitched

Sometimes Minecraft crashes without reason, if you experience a crash and rejoin the game to find that something is bugged, please join our discord and open a ticket.

Please explain where you are in the game and our team will provide a custom command to help you continue from where you left off. These crashes are often caused by Minecraft itself so we can’t stop them.

Found a bug we don't know about yet?

Our maps go through extensive testing by playtesters but sometimes we miss bugs, and a lot of times bugs don’t appear for us but do for you! If you are experiencing a bug that we don’t have noted down please report it below and we will email you with a solution or ask for more details!