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Welcome to Supercar City! This is the city of lights and speeding cars! Here, the engines run fast, and the cars go faster! Get ready to feel the thrill of riding in style! Head to the car dealership and pick any car you want!

+ 4 anime, roleplay skins!
+ 2 free skins!
+ 10 unique models & 30 different cars!

Minecoin 830 Minecoins

Released: April 21st, 2020

Category: Game Expansion

Pick your new car

There’s no saving up here! You’ve got the key to every ride. Picking the car with the best paint job, or choosing your next adventure based on style alone? It’s completely up to you. Sometimes perfection takes time, and it’s a big world out there. So put on your exploring hat on and take to the streets in search of the very best vehicle to impress your friends.

Explore the City

 There’s no need to confine yourself to the dealership, give your new ride an exhilarating test drive with a view! From the towering office buildings to small cozy neighborhoods, you’ll have plenty to discover on your road trip. Why not take a walk to the top of this biggest building and seek out your next supercar? I’m sure there’s a great view from up there!

Race your friends

Start your engines and get ready to race. Got your favourite car ready to go? Line up next to your friends and plot an interesting route to race around the city. Get your practice in, and wave to your friends in your rear view mirror as you pass them by around the track. 

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