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Add lots of new food types to any world of your choice with our Farming add-on with over 160+ new variations of crops, trees, food, drink, and mobs in your world. Explore your world to find new plants like chili, lettuce, and corn, or find and breed new animals like turkeys, ducks, and bison.

  • 9 new mobs
  • 38 new crops
  • 169 new consumables
  • Made by Podcrash

Released: April 2, 2024

About the Add-On


Duck, duck, duck GOOSE! Farming adds lots of new animals to make your world just that little bit more alive!

So many new plants 🌽

Feeling hungry for a new farming challenge? We’ve added over 160 new plants and recipes to use the recipes in! Cool right?

Farming is thirsty work 🍹

Build your orchard with lots of new tree varieties, and turn them into delicious drinks, or cook them into new food recipes!

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