Cops and Robbers

Bedrock Maps


There’s been a jailbreak! The robbers have escaped their cells and are making their escape. However, the cops have set countless traps in order to stop them. Join the robbers in their escape or try to stop them as the warden!


It’s cops and robbers like you’ve never seen before. You’ve been caught and locked up… Time to escape! How will you defeat the warden? Outrun? Outsmart? Outplay? Battle it out with your friends in this unique prison! 

Java Maps


The ORIGINAL Cops and Robbers! 

High Security

Prepare the riot gear.


A derelict version of the original!


Barron, cold, unforgiving, and that’s just the warden.

Escape from Alcatraz

Stuck on a remote island. There’s only one way off.

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