How to host your own game of Cops and Robbers

One of the most common questions we receive is how can I host a game of Cops and Robbers. Below we have listed a few options you can choose to use and an overview of our experience with them.

Please note: Whilst we actively talk to the staff at both StickyPiston Hosting and Minehut, we are not affiliated with any hosting provider. All testing of services has been done anonymously and without warning to any hosting provider to avoid any potential bias results. We have also included feedback based on what our community (you!) have said about these hosts during support calls or messages.

1) StickyPiston Hosting

Price: Free (up to 2hrs)
Rating: Good


  • StickyPiston is the only hosting provider that offer a one-click install of our maps, and you don’t need to download, config or do anything really! All you have to do is click and play and you will be given the IP to a server and the ability to start playing straight away.
  • It offers a generous amount of ram for each server and has been tested by the team at StickyPiston to ensure that the map runs smoothly


  • Each server only lasts for 2 hours, after those 2 hours your server will close and you will need to make a new one. This is free and you can do this as much as you like though.
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2) Aternos

Price: Free
Rating: Ok


  • Aternos provide a good free Minecraft server and is reliable.
  • Players of Cop and Robbers have found that typically Cops and Robbers maps do work on Aternos servers.


  • The Aternos panel can be confusing for new players
  • There is a wait queue to start a server, so it can take a few minutes to get started.
  • We have attempted to reach out to the Aternos team before to help players better experience our maps on their servers, but have not had any response.
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3) Minehut

Price: Free
Rating: Bad


  • Minehut provides a good free Minecraft server, with options to upgrade your server built directly into their user panel.
  • Minehut have a community share feature that allows you to promote your server to the Minehut community of around 250,000 players, meaning that you can grow a server more easily than other hosts.


  • In the past, we have seen reports that our Cops and Robbers maps do not work on Minehut servers. We have spoken to Minehut staff in the past although they are yet to provide a solution as to how you can run a map of ours successfully.
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What if I want to host my own?

Well, why didn’t you say? If you’ve got another provider in mind, or are already running an existing server, we’ve got a great guide for you on hosting your own version of Cops and Robbers: How to install a Java Minecraft map on PC and Server

Let’s wrap it up

That’s all from us, if you’re looking to play with a group of friends then why not Join our Discord, not only do you get to meet new people to play Cops and Robbers with, but you also get to be one of the first players to hear about new updates, play new maps and join exclusive giveaways! If you have any feedback or questions based on this article feel free to contact us via email at or tweet us @podcrash.

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