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  • How to Download Minecraft Snapshots

    How to Install Minecraft Snapshots After hearing about the latest Minecraft update 1.17 Caves and Cliffs, all I could think about is how much I wanted to play it already!…
    March 2, 2021
  • The Future of Podcrash+

    WHAT IS PODCRASH+ If you don’t know what Podcrash+ is let me explain. Podcrash+ is our mod for playing on popular Minecraft servers like Hypixel, Cubecraft, and Mineplex. It was…
    February 13, 2021
  • What is My Podcrash (Single Sign-On)

    My Podcrash is the name we have given to our Single-Sign-On platform. Single-Sign-On is an account authentication method to allow you to create one account and use that account to…
    February 13, 2021
  • Things to do on Summer Holiday Island

    Enjoy your summer We have spent all year thinking about fun things we can do this summer, and we've come up with a whole heap of activities you can spend…
    August 20, 2020
  • Minecraft Cakewars – All you need to know

    What is Cakewars One of the attributes that defines Minecraft is its PvP, and what better way to showcase it than through a fun, action-packed, and daring gamemode – Cakewars. For…
    August 13, 2020